Disaster Preparedness

No one wants disaster to strike but preparing for disasters in the unfortunate case that they do happen is important. Floods, fires, and other disasters alike can wipe out personal and business properties, as well as important documents such as personal and financial records. While attempts to save or recover these records can be made, having another protected place to hold important documents and access them in times of need is a better means of ensuring their longevity.

Moreover, accessing these documents could be of heightened importance, especially during times of disaster, as they may provide access to disaster relief assistance and recovery. Some common types of documents needed include tax and insurance records, which may be needed to help with obtaining federal assistance programs, insurance claims, and tax deductions.

Legacy Trust is proud to provide our clients with a secure online portal that allows them to store and access important documents such as these at all times. With the use of Legacy Trust’s Client Center, families can rest assured that their documents exist in another protected place, and are available to them any time, any day. Participating in the Client Center also allows families and individuals to focus on their families in those particular times of need, as opposed to worrying and spending ample time trying to recover documents.

For more information regarding the Client Center, please contact your trust officer.