Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

Tailored Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

Whether investing or making other discretionary decisions, you can count on Legacy to help take on or share the responsibility of building the financial future you want. Legacy Trust offers a full range of fiduciary services for clients with trusts and estates.

Trust Services

Trusts are an invaluable tool for wealth management. Legacy stands ready to accept all or part of the responsibility for making investments and other decisions with regard to your portfolio. If, as a grantor, you want to retain the power to make decisions about your investments, we also offer Revocable Living Trusts.

As trustees, we provide a number of trust services, including:

  • Developing suitable investment objectives
  • Accessing suitable investments
  • Developing and maintaining an asset administration and review process
  • Attending to the trust’s tax needs
  • Exercising impartial judgment informed by decades of experience in the use of discretionary powers.

“Our experience brings the knowledge to navigate even the most challenging issues.” – Sarah Snook, J.D.

    Estate Settlement Services

    At Legacy, we know that the passing of a loved one can raise all manner of complicated financial and legal questions. Legacy Trust frequently acts as executor, co-executor, or agent, helping families navigate the estate settlement process and offering them a measure of relief at an emotional time.

    Our Settlement Services include:

    • Identification and valuation of assets
    • Coordination of estate and inheritance tax returns
    • Asset and liability management
    • Prosecuting and defending lawsuits, when necessary

    Fiduciary Services

    Legacy Trust offers a full range of fiduciary services for clients with trust and estate issues. These services include serving as an agent or custodian for our clients and their foundations, partnerships, or other investment entities.

    Sarah A. Snook, J.D.

    Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer