Flexible Services, Customized to Your Family’s Needs

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Other Services 

As a relationship-driven firm, we understand that our clients’ needs go beyond fiduciary, family office, and asset management services. Legacy Trust offers its clients oil and gas lease management, real property management, and family education services customized to each family’s needs. 

Real Property Services

Every family’s real property needs are different. To meet those varied needs, Legacy Trust offers a full range of real property services, including:

  • Custodial Real Estate Services
  • Managed Real Estate Services
  • Expanded Real Estate Services

“Whether you need someone to maintain records, manage your private foundation, or negotiate sales and acquisitions, Legacy Trust offers that added level of service to meet your specific needs.”

– R. Cullen Powell, CEO

Oil & Gas Services

Our team of experts at Legacy Trust is well-versed in the oil and gas sector. We offer clients a full range of services, including holding titles, collecting revenues, disbursing joint interest payments, and renewing authorization for expenditures (AFEs). We can also provide advisory services in negotiating leases and sales contracts, as well as hiring and overseeing engineering and technical assistance.

Foundation Services

Legacy Trust provides a broad range of administrative and investment services to facilitate the effective management of a growing number of private foundations. These services include:

  • Investment and Grant Administration
  • Securities Analytics
  • Securities Monitoring
  • Foundation Record Keeping

Family Education Services

At Legacy Trust, we believe that a key to the long-term preservation of family wealth is education. We are committed to the notion that family wealth does not consist solely of financial assets. Rather it is the collective intellect, personality and experience of all family members and generations, past and present.

We have established relationships with premier professionals and organizations in the field of family financial education. Through these relationships we offer our clients access to interdisciplinary seminars covering topics from asset allocation, to family governance, to intra-family communications. We can design and facilitate family meetings to address these subjects, amongst others.

    Cullen Powell

    R. Cullen Powell

    Chief Executive Officer, Director